Tom Shepard, CFP, CEO/Founder

How Holistic Financial Coaching Can Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

By Tom Shepard, CFP, Founder/CEO, Currency Camp
Many wealth management firms and financial coaches are embracing holistic financial planning, which is a trend based on improved client relationships and a more client-centered approach to planning and wealth management. This is good news! It’s meant to better serve individual clients and their families over the long-term. But to us “holistic financial planning” has a much deeper meaning.

In the mainstream, holistic financial planning is about an advisor’s performance, using existing products and services to provide a broader strategy, and using updated technologies to report across varied investment accounts. It’s still about what the advisor is doing, not who the clients are and how they naturally understand money. Without that crucial understanding, attempting “holistic financial planning” is like trying to paint a house with one arm tied behind your back.

Here’s what we know: Every single person is born with a specific understanding of life. We’ve called this the Seven Financial Natures because that’s how this pertains to our focus and mission. You have a set of financial skills, an innate understanding of how money functions, how to get it, how to use it, how to value it, and how to trade it. Money and finance do not need to be upsetting, threatening, judging, confounding, or immobilizing. Money and finance can be supportive, safe, exciting, uplifting, and positive. This is the perspective from which we operate, and this is what we help all participants of our programs come to appreciate.

To experience money in this new way - to evolve with your money - means letting go of what you think you know about yourself and money so that you can learn new ways to relate to it, interact with it, build wealth, prepare for the future, exist in partnership with your finances, and grow as a person as your money supports the life you want.

To us, holistic financial planning and coaching doesn’t begin with what we can do for you. It begins with helping you understand you and how you relate to money by understanding your financial nature. There are always a number of ways to reach a goal, but your plan has to respect your nature. For example, a Taker might need convincing to accept that they are not broke. Spenders often need some help reframing their expenses and feeling good about that. Earners would likely love to know about unearned income so they can relax a bit. Telling a Saver the only way to prepare for the future is to invest every penny from their savings would likely result in a panic attack and losing a client. Investors often need some guidance in terms of investing as they’ll want to do it themselves, which can potentially get them into trouble. Levers can get into trouble by trying to make their lives less expensive. Givers are going to need some support to seize an opportunity like a financial gift.

Without knowing what a client’s nature is, there is no way to completely tailor a financial coaching or financial planning approach. In our Currency Camp programs, we focus first on a client’s nature, how they need to receive information, and what role time plays in how they continue to work their financial goals.

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