Tom Shepard, CFP, CEO/Founder

Can You See the Forest for the Trees?

By Tom Shepard, CFP, Founder/CEO, Currency Camp
Myths & Misconceptions 

Chances are the story you tell yourself about your money doesn’t serve you. In fact, it likely hurts you.

Your story is a function of your nature combined with what you’ve learned about money, (as well as yourself & your worth), and it’s probably wrong. What do you tell you yourself?

Here are some common lies:

  • I’m always broke!
  • Spending money is bad.
  • Earning money is hard!
  • Saving money = financial wellness.
  • Only wealthy people invest.
  • Debt is bad.
  • Money is evil.

What if you can unlearn the stories that keep you stuck? What if there were another way to look at money? Both are possible, and both offer something better. That’s the Currency Camp way.

Revelations & Evolution

Here’s what we call the 90˚Shift: the slight change in perspective based on new information. Turning the myths, misconceptions, and lies on their ears allows you to experience a new financial reality.

  • There’s scarcity mentality and then there’s financial insufficiency. Both can be reversed.
  • Spending well is something you can feel good about.
  • Income takes many forms, including unearned income. 
  • Financial wellness includes saving skills, but that’s only a piece of the puzzle. 
  • Investing means many things, and it’s a tool for everyone. Debt and leverage are not the same. 
  • Money is a currency, an energy, and it can be used to power your life for the better. 
  • Financial well-being is experienced by integrating honest, simple skills into your financial practice, self-talk, and day-to-day life. 
  • It begins with a simple shift in perspective. 
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