Tom Shepard, CFL, CEO/Founder

This is Your Life: Ages & $tages

Where are you in life and what does that mean for your financial plan?

There is a time to work, a time to relax, a time for joy, a time to help others, and a time to be helped by others. We all experience predictable, natural life stages, times when we’re naturally inclined to do, think, and perceive our lives in a specific way.

Knowing your nature is part of knowing how to use your money to craft your best life, but understanding your life stage is, too.

In our program Financial Evolution Bootcamp, we explore the seven different stages of life, which include:
  • Allowance
  • Work
  • Delegation
  • Vision
  • Dream
  • Inspire
  • Vision 

Looking at the diagram below, where are you in yours?  

If you have questions about where/how to lead your life and make great choices that support your greater health and wealth, don't hesitate to reach out to us. That's why we're here.
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