Live Onsite at the Currency Institute 


Yarmouth, ME

Learn a new way to do money:

Have fun &evolve with it! 

Join Us for This Special Summer Offer 

Over three  late afternoon sessions, we'll kick back, raise a cold glass and take a fun dive into our flagship program, Financial Evolution Bootcamp. 

Cooling summer refreshments will be provided as we explore

  • How you flow and trade four different currencies - time, health, relationships, stuff
  • What motivates your choices
  • How your Financial Nature informs your outlook
  • How to advance your financial state by evolving with your money
            Class participation will involve:
            • Going through some online content before each session.
            • Then, joining us onsite to tap and uncap your potential.

            Dates, Time & Location

            Wednesday, July 14th -   Monday, July 19th  -  Monday, July 26th 

            Currency Camp Institute
            Yarmouth, ME

            SPACE IS LIMITED

            HOLD YOUR SPOT

            Get a Glimpse at the Content We'll Cover Online & Onsite

            Led by Tom Shepard

            CFP, CEO & Founder of Currency Camp
            Having worked in the world of finance for over 20 years, I know how hard it can be to create the financial life you desire. Many struggle with this, for good reason too. Where and when has someone taken the time to help you discover your unique Financial Nature and motivations driving your choices about money? That's why I've designed Financial Evolution Bootcamp, a complimentary program to offer and introduce you to these insights.  

            It's summer -- let's kick back and have some fun exploring these topics together!  

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